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Water Falls & Pond Construction 

Is what we live and breath. , is not only supplying pond care products but also koi pond supplies to home owners and professional pond contractors across Florida. Maintaining and constructing a wide variety of water feature.

Let Us Create Your Own Getaway Paradaise @ Afforadable  Prices!!!

Aquatic Gardens Custom Services are Ponds & Water Falls, builders in South Florida. We build custom waterfalls and Fountain that you can enjoy in the comfort of your backyard. Each pond & waterfall are design is made custom to its area and blends in naturally with its environment. We have installed many ponds over the years that look natural, because they are natural. Our ponds work as a chemical free mini-ecosystem and this sets us apart from our competitors.

We also design and install beautiful Wall Water Falls & Water Falls for exiting Pools, including a variety of water features (Art, Music, Sports & Different Metal). 

It is relatively easy and affordable. You may also add Koi fish, turtles and aquatic plants to your pond, these too require minimal maintenance.

Creating your own personal backyard pond, stream or waterfall is more affordable than you think. We can work with almost any budget as we custom tailor every pond to our customer's specific need 
Adding a pondwaterfall, and stream to your landscaping design is a magical combination of rocks, plant textures and liquid motion which you will enjoy all year round.


Aquatic Gardens Custom Services ponds are a little different than other ponds, and we think that's a good thing!
We pride ourselves on building custom ponds that consistently exceed our customer's expectations.  We only use the highest quality products to build our natural ecosystem-pondswaterfalls and streams.
The system we install is a revolutionary system that works with nature, not against it.  There is no use of toxic chemicals. Our water features are low maintenance and chemical free and are built to meet your design and backyard landscaping needs.
We will create a beautiful, low maintenance pond with koi fish, a waterfall , wall water falls and a Fountain you and your family will really enjoy for years to come.
When one of our pond installations is complete, the rock, boulder, and plant design look completely natural. The waterfall circulates the water and adds a wonderful soothing relaxing sound.  All for much less than you think!
Contact us today at (305) 305-2387 to request your free on-site Design Consultation with one of our expert water garden professionals or fill out the Free Estimate form on this page.


Wall Water Falls Custom Water Features


Wall Fountains can add a very organic and natural feeling to your home or office. The natural sounds of trickling water down a fountain waterfall can create a soothing habitat to live or work in. EIP is your source for the worlds finest indoor wall waterfalls and custom wall fountains. Our dazzling collection of wall fountains will enthuse and impress anyone who sees it in your home or office. Fountain Waterfalls add peace and serenity to any room and increases peacefulness. Indoor slate, copper, steel and acrylic indoor wall fountains can be customized to your own personal ideas. 

Fire & Water 

Fire & Water  make an excellent

addition to any backyard. These self-contained features combine the mesmerizing effects of both fire and water! Designed for use with the block of your choice Fire and water fountains are now easier to create either using our standard bowl basins or we can create a custom fire and water application to fill your needs. With our standard bowls you have the choice of having a "fire bowl" a "fire and water bowl fountain" a "planter and water bowl fountain" or you can just use the bowl for an additional water feature in your fountain. All of the fire and water features Fire and Water Bowls

Add the excitement of fire and water to your outdoor displays! Or use the bowl as a planter, planter with water, water spillway or fire only .Great for use in backyards or small outdoor applications.

Pool Water Falls

Pool Waterfalls, and landscape boulders add to the relaxing tranquility of your swimming pool, helping you to create a peaceful backyard atmosphere.
 Aquatic Gardens Custom Services waterfalls are designed to be built into the side of the pool wall. The Original, Rainforest, Arch and Water Curtain styles offer the soothing sight and sound of cascading water. It used in conjunction with an illumination to create beautifully lit pool waterfalls.

Inter fab has more of a natural feel to their pool waterfalls and fountains which are custom built, giving them a rustic look. They also make landscape boulders to enhance your backyard.

Floating fountains allow you to incorporate a water feature into your pool without any construction or renovation. These fountains are an inexpensive way to add beauty and interest to your pool. Put one of our Pool Waterfalls, Fountains, or Boulders into your backyard or by your swimming pool.

Have you been wanting a relaxing waterfall in your backyard? We have made a guide to help show you how to do it. Click here to see How To Build a Backyard Waterfall



Koi Ponds

Aquatic Gardens Custom Services provides unique custom water features to high-end commercial and residential markets in addition to offering design development and construction documents for projects. We are an allied Member of the American Institute of Architects, The American Society of Interior Designers, and The Association of Professional Landscape Designers.
As the premier designer of water features, our talents collaborate with a interior designers, or construction staff to ensure the timely completion of every high-quality project. Our keen awareness of detail aids in the creation of cascading waterwalls, elegant fountains, or tranquil aquariums.
Beautifully sculpted works, which are all meticulously handcrafted, can be incorporated into any design and in a variety of imaginative locations: walls, windows, between floors, or suspended in open spaces. Water sculptures assist in creating a sense of tranquility and meditation that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.


The introduction of the Koi pond and waterfall feature transformed the entry area from a nice but ordinary space into a dynamic garden with movement and sound.  When we finished the project and filled the pond with water the following spring, it is truly exciting, and the addition of aquatic plants and fish brought the already capturing feature to life.  At night the guests are welcome by the illuminated pool of water , Fire and the sound of the waterfall. The pond uses a hardwired pump and underwater lights.  The flow of the water is controlled by open, or closing, the cover with holes in threading that feeds into the bottom of the upper pool.  The water in the pond also flows through a bio filter, which is important for the Koi.  The pump is covered with a large piece of limestone that matches the dry laid flagstone area surrounding the pond.  We used dry laid stone so that we could plant the area around the lower pool with a perennial ground cover. 
We often find ourselves either designing a custom piece of art, or sourcing just right one. We have designed and fabricated custom fountains, light fixtures, sculptures, stone and wood benches, pergolas, arbors, railings and more. All have been carefully thought out and skillfully executed.
Just as any interior room, the garden itself is art, where each element effects’ the other and material selection is key. What is the right material, finish and color… all are decisions that have to be thought out with advanced knowledge how each will impact the other. In the end we had added five new stone types, in addition to the ones already used. The entry walk and stone fountain can be seen below.

A pond doesn’t have to be on a great scale to keep fish; as long as the fish and plants have room to grow they will be happy.
Whether you’re thinking of having a pond built or you would like to change your existing pond, we can design and construct this for you.
We like to have your suggestions and ideas when building your new pond or altering your existing pond.
Working together is a vital part in making sure you have exactly the design you would like. We will make suggestions and give you an idea of what your pond will look like when finished.
We will let you know the complete process from start to finish. At each stage we will discuss what has been constructed so far and make sure you are happy.
The most important thing is that the design is what you wanted and looks great when completed.



Pond Cleaning
As well as maintaining your pond to make sure it stays in the best condition possible, having your pond cleaned is the second vital task needed to be done.
Pond cleaning is not done on a regular basis like the maintenance, but will help play a vital part in the up keep of your pond.
It’s probably the only time your pond goes back to the basic shell while being cleaned.
The pond gets a build up of fish waste, old plant, algae and other dirt which settles on the bottom. After time the filters get dirtier quicker and need cleaning more often, this is because of the dirt and waste build up.
This is just some of the process when your pond is cleaned:

  • Remove the fish and plants from the pond and put into holding tanks.
  • Scrub the pond of algae and remove all the waster and dirt.
  • Service the pump and filtration system.
  • Re-fill the pond with part original water and part tap water.
  • Put the fish and plants back into the pond.
  • the design and construction of natural ponds
  • pond design and construction specifically for koi
  • the maintenance and repair of all ponds (commercial and private)
  • the design and installation of all forms of ornamental water features
  • fish relocation.


Decorative Fountain

A small submersible pump draws water from the surface, down through a removable strainer basket and three foam filter pads. The water is then returned up through the fountain nozzle.The pump, skimmer and fountain is supported by three small plastic floats. Each float is covered by a removable lily pad/flower for increased beauty. We take great pride in all the work that we undertake and make sure the job we carry out fits in with your needs and you get to enjoy the finished pond. Your opinion is the most important and building a trustworthy relationship is a very important part of the process.
Pond Maintenance Services
For any information or details on pond maintenance services or supplies call  (305) 305-2387 Today!

Visit our Gallery to see more pictures of our beautiful ponds, waterfalls, and other water feature.

The soothing sounds that the outdoor waterfalls produce will drown out any background noise!
By creating a berm at one end with the dirt and rock that was excavated from the pond site, you can easily build a garden waterfall. 

Thank you for looking at our website and hope that we can be of service to you in the future and welcoming you as one of our valued customers.

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